In reply to all the offence thrown at me from a member of the JREF sceptical forum, in a closed blog that permits no comments or replies, and whose author does not identify himself, firstly I would like to say that my intention in sharing my story had absolutely nothing to do with personal gain, but rather an attempt to share what I experienced so that others might ponder upon the issue as well. The intention was to write a romance. To tell a story. Nothing more. No proof can be given for what currently cannot be proven.

Of all possibilities, from nihilism to concepts such as those of “heaven” or an “eternal hell”, that of reincarnation is, in my view, the only concept that truly makes sense – that as spiritual beings we are ALL in the same evolutionary process, learning from each incarnation and progressing morally and spiritually.

The claim that those who speak of reincarnation were always famous or historical figures does not hold, as a vast majority who have had “memories” of past lives far more often recall having lived quite “normal” lives”. Anyone interested can look up by author and regressionist Carol Bowman and see for themselves.

Rather than rebuke all that was posted, which would not be so difficult to do but would constitute an enormous waste of time (though whoever wrote the blog felt it worthwhile dedicating so much of his/hers), I would simply suggest that a true researcher should ponder upon the issue with an open mind, and truly evaluate its possibility, rather than take such a blunt, blind, offensive and biased approach.

Anyone who enters the JREF forum and is against their radical views is instantly offended and attacked in the most awful of manners. As I live in Brazil, and had never heard of them, I did so inadvertedly. Now I plan to sue…

Charles Edward Stuart Boden